They painted over the graffiti

Getting my skeptical leftist liberal arts student on

They painted over the graffiti
They privatised the psych ward
They automated the nurses
Their breasts are always perky
And their eyes are always sparkly

You feed them copper coins
And quality service comes out
The coffee comes from Mexico
It comes in
Cryogenically sealed tubes
From the past
When Mexico had coffee

I sip my
Genetically-delicious latte
I go to the bathroom
They’ve painted over the grafitti
It’s all white now

No one loves anyone anymore
Spelt L-U-V
No one is a cocksucker
No one loves Jason’s mum
It’s all white

They’ve privatised the psych war
Now they dispense
Happiness that
Melts on your tongue
And comes in plastic bottles
With golden-arch logos
Now you can
Monopolize the Botox
And the happy pills
And sell them at a profit

And build a bigger, better nuthouse!


Now the nurses are robots
And they smile all the time
They smile at you
Even if you yell at them
Even as they slip the needle i
But if you don’t tip
They’ll read you your rights
And ask for more copper coins
But their breasts are still perky
And their eyes

Always sparkle