Good Dog

Good Dog illustration

You said
‘I love you, too’
Like a dog shaking my hand
On command
Eager to please
Except it was you who was
Throwing me the bone


Poetry Money

poetry money illustration

We spent our poetry money on pizza –

Slumped on the carpet with gooey fingers and stringy cheese
Back to back episodes of Dr Who,
Doing laps of childhood visions
Decisions made in finger traced,
Lovemade nuclear fission
Crinkle-cut eyes and rough palms running over backs,
Blades, breasts
Questions tangled in sheets and
Handheld moments.

We spent our poetry money on porn –

On silicon love factory climaxes
Plaster cast body parts
Searching for resurrection in a
12-inch erection
Digging fingers into our imperfect flesh
Seeking forgiveness for that time I said
You should dress your age
You said
I was hotter when you first met me.

We spent our poetry money on drugs –

Spiralling, kaleidoscoping into each other
Melting minds into numb dreaming rivers
Or the witless heights of hummingbirds darting
While our bodies sat like parked cars
On opposite sides of the room
And we didn’t know what we were anymore,
Or when I stopped
Being the start of you,
And you began being
The end of me.

We spent our poetry money on love,
And we spent it on painkillers,
On op-shop travesties and
Pop culture dieties,
Trips to Spain and
Trips to Maccas,
Oh! We spent our poetry money on lots of things…

But mostly,
We just spent it on pizza.