Angsty poetry about having no internet or phone reception, that got all metaphorical and out of hand.


In this city I have no signal
No bars of reception
No network detected
I suffer a small mental conniption
A strung out digital junkie
Denied her addiction

Offline and counted out
I’m counting those seconds I’m disconnected
Halfway – no -all the way across the world
Home blocked by a brick wall of
Tectonic plates and rewound clock hands

No bars
No network detected
Suddenly I shrink to a tiny stone
Stuck in the Doc Martin boot-heel of a
Cyclops with one London Eye
Riding a Shard skateboard
That grinds human souls under
Double-decker bus wheels
Centrifugal force spitting out
Spent oyster cards and
Stolen bike parts

No bars
No network detected
This distance seems endless without
Digital instance
No more beck-and-call borderless world
Might as well be in a boat on the sea
Like my grandma coming to the UK in 1953
How did she survive without Facebook?
Without text message magic conjuring
Homey familiarities into your palm
A postcard’s just a wish
I want electronic certainty I want
My brother’s outrageous textual abbreviations
Hey sis wat up?

‘Cause without my web
I dangle from my own thread
Spider lost without purchase without purpose
No A-B trace just a black dot
Freckle on London’s skeptical face

No bars
And now I’m barred
From the comfort zone
No network detected
And I’m disentangling
Cobwebs of doubt
Wandering out into
Concrete streets
Pulsing pavement realities
Mind mouth
My needle and thread
Ready to weave
My own web